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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news, suspect in the vicious beating of the same sex couple in center city of posted bail, we will have a live report from central detective. first lets look live at ocean city right now you can see we are keeping an eye on that coastal storm, bringing some high wind and heavy rains, to our area. it is thursday september 25th good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. lets get to katie fehlinger. >> let get a time line for this weather we are having, katie. >> here we are in the blunt of the storm system and storm will be produce something we have rain for our area, easily on the or of an inch or two plus abe very gusty wind as well. that will be the story that we are following as we take a live look here at the the the basically just a entire eastern see game. we're in the bull's eye right now. we are the one and only spot
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across the the delaware valley where we are seeing heavier of the rain. lets take the zoomed in version here of storm scan three where that heavy rain continues to pound down. notice though there are a couple of choice locations where you have seen a bit of the lull settle in here. that would include places of outside allentown, northwestern lehigh valley, berks, lancaster county. not everyone is in the thick of things so to speak but this is basically a wash out and as we expect. this is going to end up being the the likely where we will end up with the heavier of the rain. the put things over motion over three hour loop heavy rain band still moving in from south to north. as we see these little breaks coming in if it does quiet down you cannot necessarily expect it will be completely over, because this is essentially just a wash out of a day. so rain, wind, primary impacts. heavier rain comes this morning with the those gusts as high as 35 miles an hour
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generally inland. further are toward the coastline is where you'll end up with the strongest on have those wind. we have coastal flood advisories as we mentioned in place for a couple of choice locations here on the new jersey shoreline. and the wind really has tells the story. it is persistent on shore flow, more northeasterly but enough that it is coming in off the ocean water and currently sustain wind at 22, 23 miles per hour for atlantic city and wildwood. this will certainly reduce your visibility. take a look, where we have that little break in the rain, no problems. we have breezy conditions in reading and lancaster but visability are fine and they drastically drop off into the rain. which makes sense. so i would say our biggest issue here is more than just a nuisance but definitely not a major, major storm for us. run of the mill system but it will be a system that brings in heavy rain and system that continues to bring us some windy conditions as well. down the shore at best we're
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talking lower 70's and as we look ahead toward philadelphia and the poconos, we're expecting in mid to low 60's. jumping in the the car head to go work this is what you will see, you can see rain heading windshield, slick roads, ponding, you will to have slow down at least a little bit this morning. with that said perfect transition into vittoria woodill. you will have have your handful this morning, my dear. >> it is tingling, i can sense it this morning, i really can. when i was driving in this morning into work i noticed myself i had to take it extra easy because it is difficult to see dividers in the roadway if you wear glasses or cast or even forget it even if you don't, just make sure you are extra careful the glare off of the headlights off of the road is here is causing even still, a slow down for folks because there is no volume right new to worry about. it is just you and the road. just take it easy. this is vine street expressway very slick, thick look at the
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vine. again no delays in either direction, there is barely anyone out there but notice how wet the roads are. this is 202 around 29, i'm talking to my producer when we have construction in areas usually like 202 around the area have of 29 they usually taper off because of the weather. you may fine road work in areas but generally speaking it isn't too much of a problem. road aren't too much of a problem when it comes to speed but takes i easy out there. in report delays at philadelphia international airport. ukee. back to our breaking "news 3" suspects post bail national tack on the same sex couple in center city philadelphia. >> we have brand new video we shot around 3:30 as philip williams, catherine in the not and kevin harrigan all walk out free to go home. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao was there as they posted bail, jan. >> erika and ukee, that is right all three had to wait all night to get arraigned but early this morning that happened and they face charges
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of aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and criminal conspiracy. you can see them being released from central detectives earlier this morning released after posting bail. two men were released on $75,000 bail and with man released on $50,000 bail. it has been our first good look at all of the suspects. they are three people police say are responsible for that brutal beating of the gay couple in center city two weeks ago. that thinks year-old philip williams, 24 year old catherine knott and 26 year-old kevin harrigan, all three turned themselves into police yesterday morning. their arrest comes have after surveillance video was release that had shows them just before the attack. the victim say this group approached and then suspects gay slurs at the couple as then were being beat ebb. "eyewitness news" was able speak to all three defense attorneys and friend of the victim. both sides tell a different story about what happened. defense says this was a mutual fight and not at all about
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sexual orientation. >> i think it is going to come to light he didn't deliver the bless that broke that guy's jaw. >> to fracture orbital bones, to fracture cheekbones, to necessitate someone's jaw being wired shut for eight weeks that is annex stream amount of force. >> reporter: that victim who had to have his jaw wired shut is also spent three days, more than three days in the hospital, and this group will be back in court at the end of september, coming up in our next half an hour we will hear from all three of the defense attorneys and we will learn more about the the fall out for these suspects now that they have been arraigned. reporting live outside central detective, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today a number of local democrats will address media calling out republican governor tom corbett over his budget cuts to education. they tell "eyewitness news" his $1 billion in cuts have forced school district to increase property the taxes
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and layoff thousands of staff members. they are expect to speak at 10:30 this morning. meanwhile will just yesterday the governor sign a bill that imposes a $2 sales tax on cigarettes in philadelphia to help fund the school district. burglary spree has resident on high alert in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood. it happened between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. on september 15th around the 83 blocks of saint martin streets. lets look at these surveillance pictures if you will, the suspect gain entry to several properties through opened windows. each case the the burglar moves quickly taking off with easy to carry items like lap top and purses. some neighbors we spoke to expressed their concern. >> scary, it is an a invasion to privacy and threat to people living in the house. >> that is nerve racking just to be on the alert all the time and you never know what will happen. it is scary. >> reporter: police say burglar was ultimately scared off by a dog and an alarm system inside one property. residents are asked to take common sense approaches when
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securing their homes. meanwhile philadelphia police are still looking for the the shoot shore killed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. nearly two dozen shots why fired near 20th and nedro yesterday morning. 259 year-old woman was killed and was eight months pregnant. a 26 year-old man was shot and is in critical condition. thinks the second deadly shooting involving a pregnant woman in philadelphia in the past two weeks. pennsylvania state police say they are closer to eric frein, man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. police found trash they believe he left behind including soiled diapers and a serbian brand of cigarettes, they found in rural monroe county. state police say it is a sign they are closing in on frein. they believe he could be held up in an abandon property. if you have not noticed the good news the the price of gas is falling. some drivers are filling up under $3 a gallon right here in our area believe it or not we found several station as long the white horse pike in south jersey around the $2.97
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range. only catch you have to pay in cash. reports show price's cross the tri-state area has fallen an average of 40 cents since memorial day. we are in the first full day of rosh hashanah the two day holiday to celebrate the jewish new year. last night hundreds attended a free concert held by temple bet zion israel. afterward there was a rosh hashanah eve services wrapped up by sundown the official start of the holiday. rosh hashanah is mark by family meals and personal reflection. still ahead this morning two girls hit by a truck walking to school and it is all caught on camera. plus another check of the coastal storm moving through the delaware valley. we are back in two minutes. >> ♪
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a coalition of forces led by the united states continue to hunt for isis in the middle east. >> another wave of air strikes was hit hitting a dozen targets in syria. some were small scale oil refinery which fun that had group. they went after an area in eastern syria where isis has been operating and crossing the border in to iraq. the attacks comes hours after president obama spoke to the u.n. about getting more international support. check this out, incredible video here. two girls in massachusetts are lucky to be live after being hit by a truck heading to the school bus stop. now this was all caught on video. we are not showing impact but truck hit both girls, knocking them 60 feet in the air. police say the the six five-year old driver was blindedded by sunlight and did not see them. the 11 year-old suffered head injury and 13 year-old had a broken leg. man wanted in connection with the disappearance of the
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university of virginia student is behind bars, this morning. police arrested jesse matthew on i beach near galveston, texas charged with abduction with attempt to defile, hanna graham, who disappeared a week ago in charlottesville virginia. matthews was the last person seen with graham hoist still missing. authorities do not know why matthews was in texas. right now 4:43. storms are the big story to day. >> absolutely this storm has two major impacts, rain and the wind. at least it will gradually taper with time here but keyword there is gradual. we are looking at a wash out of the day but most heavy, gusty wind happening right now you as we were expecting. if you are hitting the road, and you are leaving the the news 20 minutes. >> be ready. >> yeah, you know i have been saying it since we were calling for this, we will have our handful here i think. you just to have add in that extra time. we get it. it is so hard to get the out
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the door on time let alone give yourself extra time but this is one of those days where you will be slowed down. so expect that your storm scan three what a mess. i was just looking at presip rates here. you are looking at brightest colors on the map, rainfall intensity starts to go up here. that is doppler 101. i was looking at orange shaded, we are looking at over half inch per hour within these heavy round. so you are getting drenched stuck underneath that, lets go zoom that it out and put it into motion. this is a very distinct back edge. we will see this moving through slowly but this is going to eventually taper off later on today once the brunt of the storm begins to pull away. yeah, today is a wash out but i do come bearing weather news. look ahead to the trade off coming our way by tomorrow storm is long gone. we clear out. sun peaks through. we will end up with a milder afternoon too. does this weekend look so good
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with high pressure anchored overhead with saturday, sunday, sunshine both days, lower 80's both days. we will warm up nicely here. again just something to look forward to. in the meantime, the here and now is obviously the height of the system. 30 miles an hour gusts reported the atlantic city. thirty-one wildwood. much light are win toward reading, allentown. that is why you are not seeing these numbers bombing up. rain is out there for everybody. we are talking mid 60's today. looking ahead in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we are looking at a four day stretch through monday with very nice weather coming up. well, while eagles suit up for sunday's west coast game
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against san francisco, eagles coach chip kelly says he wants answers about washington's hit on nick foles last sunday. remember, defensive lineman, leveled foles and the hit triggered a brawl that independented with bakers and jason peters and another player eject from the game. league ruled this was a clean hit and baker will not be suspended. >> everything we have been taught and necessity you cannot blind side a player whether it is quarterback or not. is there a rule that the quarterback on a change of possession is basically a defensive player. that is in the past too. we don't get put in that situation in the the future. >> the phillies play marlins again tonight winding down baseball season with just four games left. last night was kyle kendrick on the mound and at the plate. the his rbi double in the seventh inning drove in darren ruf, one of three hits for kendrick. 's loud one run in seven innings of work on the mound and phillies won two-one. kendrick leads phillies pitchers in victories with ten. back over to you. still ahead this morning wal-mart is expand nothing to personal banking whahat the retail giant is now offering customers coming up next.
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but first here's what is ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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here's one more look at this morning's headlines, sky cam three in atlantic city as coastal storm battering the new jersey shore there. atlantic county is under a coastal flood advisory right now. atlantic, coastal cape may counties are under a high surf advisory. forecasters expect heavy rain to affect your morning commute. three suspects in the attack on same sex couple in center city posted bail. charges against catherine knott, philip williams and kevin harrigan include aggravated assault. philadelphia police hope these pictures right here will put a burglary suspect behind bars. police say suspect targeted homes in chestnut hill in the early hours of september 15th. your time 4:49. let check business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york
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stock exchange. we are hearing wal-mart is taking another step in the banking business, what are they up to right now. >> reporter: that is right, good morning. starting next in wal-mart is cleaning up with green dot and offering customers over age of 18a mobile checking account and eliminates some of the fees charged by banks. the account also will let customers know in real time if they cannot afford to make a purchase, they are about to make. that is definitely helpful. i can do that, ukee and erika. >> i saw apple's attempt to fix bugs in the new iphone operating system failed so badly they pulled the latest update, what do you know. >> reporter: that is right, the company was trying to fix problems related to text messages and health kit but it caused more issues. people down loaded updated software were unable to make phone calls, after about an hour, apple made the rare move, of taking down that upgrade after getting customer complaints. our partners over at
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have have step by step directions on how to get rid of that bad operating system and restore your iphone. ukee, your flip-flops phonies looking better and better. >> she remembers. >> didn't i tell you all you have to do is call people. >> that is it. >> thanks, jill. coming up, traffic and weather together and we will do it on the three's. >> you have to find a new flip phone.
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let's get traffic and weather to go, hey, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. i'm sure you will realize it will be a bad news kind of a day hitting the the rush hour would i say maybe an hour and a half or so. right now roads are very quiet but very slick and wet and i would advise you to take your time. on my drive-in this morning it was very difficult to see
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dividers. be extra careful. looking at the schuylkill expressway in major problems in either direction. still very early. it doesn't matter if you are traveling around spring garden or in your western suburbs you still have good news. lets touch upon ben franklin bridge here. the bridges tend to be very slippery in weather like this. they may even could affect speed limit but right now we are still traveling normally on the westbound side in philadelphia, and we have that construction blocking right-hand lane but we are in the dealing with anything major just yet. taking a look at speed sensors they are still good, 55 on i-95, 47 on the schuylkill, 55 on 476. traveling however on 422 westbound right around route 100 we have an accident there compromising the lane. best thing to do is listen to katie because it is raining outside but we may have a break later on. >> it is just depends on where you are, even at this her there is a couple spots where you're not seeing heavy rainfall but it is just little breaks taking place between the pockets.
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they are really few and far between. if you are lucky enough to not hear rain outside your window right now you are just that pretty lucky. let me show you storm scan three. we expect this all along. heavier rain will be coming through the overnight up to this point. you can see these round of soaking rain coming in here. we are just a couple of you say between the border of, new castle and kent county, you have a little break there on the end there of the loop but it will not last very long. no sooner does it wind down thaw will see showers and heavy rain pick backup. coastal flood advisory is other thing we have to talk about here. tides come in at highest point, the next one, between say 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. rehoboth is 9:01. 9:18 in cape may. depending on your location, a little earlier or later. that is the issue when it comes to any kind of flooding. so, at the coastline we have to watch out for minor tidal flooding. the currently our temperatures
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are milder but feels chillier factoring in the gusty wind and rain, you need an umbrella. heaviest is now but we are looking at an you will day event, ukee, back over to you. here's some of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following for you. city councilman will propose a new bill requiring philadelphia landlords to give their tenants more warning about rent increases. also a new study that shows putting in a hard day's work might in the be so good for your health. struggling smart phone maker black berry unveils latest attempt to win back customers from apple and android. check in two, three, four times a day kyw the news radio 1060 on your am dial. co at perdue, we know fresh chicken. weof fresh.hat kind
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we're following breaking news overnight in the case of a gay couple attacked in center city. all three suspects who turned themselves in toe please are out on bail, we are live with what is next in that case. we have an eye on the coastal storm for you this morning, give you a live look the ben franklin parkway where we're expecting torrential downpours and whipping wind, live mega doppler three shows what a wet mess, it will be, all day long, this system is not going anywhere fast, thursday september 25th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we have team three coverage of the huge storm affecting so many parts of the area right now. meteorologist katie fehlinger standing by with the very latest on the rain and when it will get out of here.
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lets start off with carol erickson out identify in that rain. she wants to let us necessity how we're going, good morning, carol. >> we're in the used to rain around here. we have had a dry summer. we are making up for it today. we have been seeing the rain. we are in hammington right now see the the sign post behind me but if you know this stretch of 206 that went through hammington and on the way to the atlantic city expressway you know exactly where i am. it is rain that is difference. lots of puddles that is slowing this morning, commute, and closer you get to the beach, closer to the storm that is worst it will be happening. let's show you a graphic, you'll fine some rainfall totals that are impressive. this was supposed to be a great, dry week and until, this thing popped up and that has changed everything. down in rehoboth beach, we have seen over an inch, 1.17 inches, atlantic city over a half inch of


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